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Experienced. Skilled. Determined.

Abramson & Morak is a full-service criminal defense firm dedicated to providing thorough, professional and highly personal legal counsel. Since 1990, our firm has built an exceptional reputation for professionalism and integrity while representing both individuals and businesses charged with crimes or are the subjects or the targets of criminal investigations. Our meticulous approach to representation protects clients who face high-profile, complex prosecutions and investigations by federal, state and local law enforcement and regulatory bodies. Clients who retain our legal counsel find our attorneys to be:

  • Experienced — We draw on more than 65 years of combined legal experience. Our white collar representation have included cases of bank fraud, mortgage fraud, charitable fraud, tax and accounting fraud, immigration and visa fraud, healthcare fraud, election fraud and violations of public integrity laws. We have counseled clients under investigation by federal, state and local authorities including the U.S. Attorney’s Office, all New York City District Attorney’s Offices, the New York Attorney General’s Office, the IRS Criminal Tax Division, the New York Criminal Tax Division, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, the Office of the New York State Comptroller, JCOPE and Title IX Investigations at private universities. We have successfully tried criminal cases in U.S. District Courts and New York State Courts.
  • Accessible — Clients involved in pending criminal cases and investigations need ongoing access to their attorneys and prompt updates. We remain in contact by telephone, email and in person so our clients are assured we are making every effort to protect their rights and vital interests.
  • Tenacious — We leave no stone unturned in our service to our clients. We are proud to have a well earned reputation for diligence and tenacity. Our approach often enables us to find a resolution to a case in its earliest stages and frequently prior to the filing of criminal charges or indictment. However, in the face of aggressive prosecution, we are prepared to fight for our clients all the way through to trial.

Whether you are charged with a crime or a target or subject of an investigation, Abramson & Morak has the experience, skill and determination to provide the robust legal representation you need.

Effective representation begins before charges are filed

A quality that sets our representation apart is our ability to work on a legal controversy at the earliest stages to resolve potential issues. In many instances, we have been able to prevent authorities from bringing charges or indictments by demonstrating through convincing evidence that no crime was committed or by negotiating a resolution that safeguards our client’s best interests. Early resolution is usually in the client’s best interest, but when circumstances requires us to fight charges through to trial, we are zealous advocates in the courtroom.

Full-service firm delivers robust defense for all criminal charges with a personal touch

At Abramson & Morak, we value integrity, which means nothing less than total dedication to client service. This extends beyond highly-complex white collar crimes and investigations to:

We explore all possible options for our clients and provide candid answers to all of their questions.

Abramson & Morak approaches every criminal case with uncompromising resolve. When dealing with the stress that a criminal prosecution or investigation causes, our lawyers are here to give you the support and respect you deserve and the aggressive defense strategies to bring about the best possible result. Call us today at 212-226-7098 or contact our New York City office online.