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Title IX Gender-Based Misconduct Claims

Accomplished New York City Attorneys Defend Against Title IX Claims

Skillful advocates defending allegations of gender-based misconduct and student disciplinary issues

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 has transformed many aspects of campus life for students and faculty of all backgrounds and gender identities. Supreme Court decisions delivered decades after its initial passage have expanded a school’s ability to adjudicate and resolve matters regarding sexual misconduct, triggering severe consequences for the accused without affording these individuals the fundamental protections guaranteed to defendants in criminal proceedings. Abramson & Morak are experienced attorneys who provide exceptional advice and advocacy to clients who are facing Title IX actions. Whether your situation involves allegations of sexual assault, harassment or other misconduct, we’ll explain the applicable regulations and policies and aid in your defense to the best of our abilities.

Determined firm protects the rights of students and other targeted individuals

Our attorneys represent students and members of the University and College communities in Title IX proceedings. When authorized, we advocate for accused clients in hearings and vigorously defend them against all types of charges involving alleged gender-based misconduct such as:

  • Sexual assault — Allegations of sexual violence could lead to expulsion or a long-term suspension. In many situations, individuals have been disciplined by their schools even when police and prosecutors chose not to bring charges against the accused. It’s crucial to address these accusations head-on and to develop a formidable defense, especially when witness accounts might have been clouded by the use of alcohol or drugs.
  • Sexual harassment — Provisions relating to sexual harassment are broad and vague and can lead to much confusion. For example, unwanted sexual advances could refer to a single look or a date request that was refused. We’ll conduct a thorough review of the circumstances to help authorities distinguish between truly offensive behavior and typical interactions that might have been misunderstood.
  • Hostile environment — Comments or jokes with a sexual theme might bring on a hostile environment claim with standards that are stricter than rules governing behavior in typical workplaces. School officials often rely only on subjective evidence from a purported victim. If you’ve been accused of such misconduct, our firm can present a complete, accurate description of what actually occurred.

An unjust Title IX punishment might permanently derail a student’s or faculty member’s academic career and hinder future employment opportunities. A matter this serious requires an attorney who is familiar with the unique challenges associated with a University’s or College’s hearings and pre-hearing procedure. Our firm has a detailed understanding of the Title IX procedures and the academic institution’s policies and provides a vigorous defense in these cases.

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