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New York City Computer Crime Attorneys

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Cybercrimes generally are defined as any crime facilitated by using the Internet, email, websites, chat rooms or message boards to:

  • Present illegal or fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims
  • Conduct criminal or fraudulent transactions
  • Transmit the proceeds of illegal activity to financial institutions or others
  • Other actions.

Computer crimes attorneys of Abramson & Morak have experience defending New Yorkers accused of a wide range of Internet-related crimes, including:

  • Internet pornography
  • Internet identity theft
  • Credit card fraud
  • Internet fraud
  • Internet predator crimes
  • Internet or computer sex crimes

We have the experience and the knowledge to defend clients in cases involving technologically complicated cybercrimes, which may involve many witnesses, extensive financial documentation, a lengthy grand jury investigation and a host of experts.

Penalties for Internet child pornography are particularly severe and include mandatory prison time. If you have been charged with downloading or uploading child pornography on the Internet, you need an internet crime attorney who understands the nuances of these cases.

Abramson & Morak handles internet crime cases on all levels of New York’s state and federal courts.

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