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Sexual Assault Attorneys in New York City

Abramson & Morak provides an aggressive and thorough defense to our clients who have been charged with sexual abuse or sexual assault. Our firm works with a network of expert witnesses in the areas of DNA, eyewitness identification, fingerprint analysis, bite marks, psychology and polygraph evidence.

Our attorneys have been defending clients in the New York system for years, and we understand the dynamics of the courts and prosecutors. We review the charges against you and realistically assess your options. Speak with our criminal defense attorneys to get help with a New York City sex abuse charge.

New York City Sexual Abuse Law

Sexual abuse and sexual assault charges can be brought in New York state court:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Aggravated sexual abuse
  • Persistent sexual abuse
  • Course of sexual abuse against a child
  • Predatory sexual assault
  • Predatory sexual assault against a child

Sex offense charges also can be brought in federal court, including:

  • Selling or buying of children
  • Activities relating to materials involving the sexual exploitation of children pornography
  • Transporting a person in interstate or foreign commerce with the intent that the person engage in prostitution or other illegal sexual activity
  • Transporting a minor in interstate or foreign commerce with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity
  • Interstate or foreign travel with the intent to engage in a sexual act with a minor
  • The use of interstate facilities to transmit information about a person under the age of 16 with “the intent to entice, encourage, offer, or solicit that minor to engage in any sexual activity that can be charged as a criminal offense”

Abramson & Morak tries cases in all levels of New York state and federal courts. We represent you from investigation to trial.

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